Sponsored Youth

Kiwanis Club of Banner Elk

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                                                                              Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become 
                                                                   competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn 
                                                                   to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis teaches
                                                                   young leaders new ways to change the world by serving one child and
                                                                   one community at a time.

                                                                   In sponsoring Service Leadership Programs the Banner Elk Club goes 
                                                                   beyond providing funds. It has opened the door to new opportunities for 
                                                                   club members to interact with local youth in a variety of capacities.  The 
                                                                   Kiwanis Club of Banner Elk proudly sponsors Avery High School Key 
                                                                   Club, Avery Middle School Builders Club, Cranberry Middle School 
                                                                   Builders Club and Terrific Kids for elementary school students.  Financial
                                                                   support is given to the Mayland Aktion Club.  BE Kiwanis provides

                                                                   scholarships for students to attend Key Leader weekend. Young Children

                                                                   Priority One is supported with three RIF Days when all Head Start, Pre-K and

                                                                   Scotty Bus children receive their own books to keep.